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for himself as the face of the tea party. christie vilsack she has been talking for 1.5 year about a local message for those 39 counties, versus national grandstanding. she is against a longtime incumbent, but he is not an incumbent in that district. he has at least 20 counties to introduce himself to. we've got incredibly interesting races underneath the president's race. host: we have a republican caller from georgia. host:-- caller: and watch the sunday news shows to try to get all of the santa the issues. i want to know about the impact on voters that the white house cover-up of the libya murders and the tax is having. guest: to you and all of our friends and people viewing from the east coast, i hope that all of you are safe. the story that -- very complicated set of circumstances in libya and that part of the world, i believe it does not lend itself to easy politicizing. i am a state party chair and have absolutely no information other than what you have. what i see, i understand that this is being viewed through different prisons. what i have observed there is an incredibly complica
to create among christie's and we need to be supportive of those treat it is a balance. one of the challenges we have right now in the middle east, iran. iran is getting close to having nuclear capabilities. from the foreign policy standpoint, we have to support the democracy that we have with israel there, and do what we can to prevent iran from having nuclear capabilities. the next step is their ability to support terrorists, their ability now with technology to move the nuclear bombs easily around the world. as relates to the foreign policy, we need to again make sure america's interests are kept first, but we need to make sure that we're not putting our country at risk, that these terrorist countries that have a check and balance on them, if you will. that should be what drives our foreign policy. >> i cannot state is clearly enough. we cannot be a nation builder of every nation. we have got to start building our nation at home, and that is the strongest kind of sick tree we can have, which is economic security, making sure we are growing our middle-class, and when we lo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2